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The Cash Discount Program

Eliminate up to 100% of your processing fees Are you tired of watching your credit card processing fees increase? You are now able to eliminate up to 100% of your processing fees by adding a customer service fee on all transactions, and offering your customers a cash discount if they pay by cash, which would eliminate the service fee. If a customer does pay by a non-cash method the service fee charged will be paid to you, and it will offset against your processing costs. Example: If your product is priced at $100, with the service fee of only 4%, that means the true price of the product is $104, so the noncash price would be $104. However, if the customer pays by cash the service fee is “discounted,” so the cost would be only $100. No calculation needed on your end, our technology will calculate everything automatically, and we provide the pricing disclosure stickers for you. But how do you eliminate your processing fees? Example: If you charge 4% service fee, and we charge you 4% processing fees then 4%-4%=0%! Call us to learn more about this amazing program that is revolutionizing the way merchants accept credit cards.
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Get Cash to Grow Your Business

Alternative Business Capital Secure up to $2,500,000 within 24 hours with no upfront fees, and no collateral. Use the cash for inventory, advertising, expansion, renovation, taxes, payables, working capital, emergencies and more. A simple application brings you an approval decision in just 24 hours, with an easy payback plan. Unlike a conventional bank loan, our program is based on the revenue and overall health of your business and not just credit. If you have been in business for at least 9 months, and have a gross revenue of $10,000 per month, give us a call to apply over the phone.
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Speedy Ultra-Rapid Payments At Your Counter

High-Speed Broadband Payment Systems Is your sales terminal constantly getting credit card swipes? If you are doing a transaction about every two minutes or over 200 sales a day you need high-speed processing. We can provide you with special terminals, such as our Dual-Com EMV units that use your high-speed connectivity via your cable modem, DSL or T-1 connection. The Dual-Com also comes with phone connections just in case you experience high-speed outage. It is user friendly. Simply plug the Dual-Com terminal into your router the same way you would plug it into your computer. Just like that, you're ready for ultra fast processing.
Experience the seamless speed of high-speed processing with Dual-Com technology.

On the Go with Mobile Sales

Three Wireless Payment Tools Can you take payments on the go? Perhaps your sales team needs to streamline payments so they can improve their overall sales. Do you operate a limo or taxi fleet and need to process payments instantly? Or maybe your health or beauty business makes home visits where accepting payments quickly would make you more money. Whatever your size or scale, we have a wireless payment solution for you. We have a selection of portable, integrated, and touchscreen payment terminals. All of our wireless payment solutions offer online transaction tracking capabilities through our online system. Mobile commerce is becoming critical to many businesses, large and small
Get mobile and grow your customer base today!

Maximize Sales On the Web

E-Commerce Shopping Cart and Payment Gateway Do you have a web-based business? Internet-based e-commerce is growing beyond all expectations. No matter if you sell goods or services, a website that accepts online payments is critical for success today. Do not limit yourself to in-store sales only. There's a whole world waiting to do business with you online. Our Payment Gateway allows your website to process seamless credit card payments. Basic integration services are included so you can easily set up donations to your church or charity, collect rent from your tenants, or accept monthly dues for your spa, and numerous other possibilities. We are compatible with most existing gateway systems. Payments through our Gateways are PCI-secure and include extensive reporting.
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Capture Additional Sales with More Options

Modern Check Systems Are you maximizing your revenue by accepting check payments? Modern electronic check services make accepting checks as smooth as taking credit cards. Explore a very easy point-of-sale system that works right in the credit card terminal. Our ultra-modern Check systems can use Remote Deposit Capture or even web-based virtual terminal systems to accept more kinds of checks and get funds into your account quickly. All systems have comprehensive online tracking.
Are you maximizing all potential sales?

Increase Your Revenue and Your Customer Loyalty

Gift Cards and Loyalty Points Cards Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards are not just for big box stores. We have levels for a variety of businesses that can truly profit with the proper use of their own logo card program. If you sell gift cards consider electronic Gift Cards for their easy use, great tracking, and higher profits. With Loyalty Cards or VIP cards, give customers a reason to come back time and time again. It’s like collecting airline frequent flyer miles! Use both programs together for additional benefits. Your Finical, Inc., agent can provide you with all of the details you need. So give your business another product to sell. Gift Cards and VIP Cards take up no shelf space. Remember, it’s all about keeping your customers coming back to you.
Get your logo on your own electronic card and bring in more revenue?